Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Final Look At The Reasons - And Responsibilities - Of The Season

We're more than willing to admit - we've been fairly direct this week, being hard on both Democratic and Republican politicians of virtually every stripe. Rest assured, we know this is supposed to be the season of peace - and we haven't forgotten that the holiday is fast approaching. We're taking some time off ourselves, and we'll fill you in on our holiday publication schedule tomorrow.

We understand the desire of our readers on Capitol Hill, staffers and Senators alike, to get home and be with their families, and away from work for at least a few days. We've got that same itch, and - for at least one of us - the next few weeks will be anything but a time to kick back, eat Christmas cookies, play with the kids, and watch college bowl games in our PJs.

In fact, for millions of Americans around the world, the next few weeks will be anything but a holiday.

For those public workers who keep our communities and our government running, the next two weeks will be just like any other - except for the two days where the banks will be closed. For our police, fire, and medical personnel, there is no such thing as a holiday too sacred to not work - regardless of personal beliefs. For many of the men and women of our Armed Services, Christmas dinner this year will be their favorite MRE they've been setting aside for that day.

In light of the work schedules of all these dedicated public servants, the incredibly offensive arrogance and pure unadulterated selfishness of Senators Jim DeMint and John Kyl on Wednesday simply floored us. Those two Senators went before cameras and microphones on Wednesday, to whine about the very real possibility announced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday.

Reid stated flatly earlier this week that the U.S. Senate might have to convene on Christmas Eve day, or during the week between Christmas and New Years, if the Senate didn't get their work done before the break. We roundly applaud Sen. Reid's leadership on this manner, and we're certain that many Americans of all political persuasions agree with us.

We'll be blunt to those on Capitol Hill who side with the whining from Senators Kyl and DeMint:  Senators, you work for US, the American people. You work when we want, how we want, and you continue to serve at the pleasure of the people. For this, you are compensated quite generously. If your service doesn't please us, we'll be more than happy to remove you, as we did to more than a few of your fellow officeholders this year. If you decide that you can't handle the job, feel free to quit. As the citizens of places like Alaska and Massachusetts will tell you, high quality replacements for elected officials who resign or are suddenly unable to serve for other reasons can be found quite quickly.

There are many different, wonderful holidays celebrated at this time of year by Americans, each with their own special reasons for celebration.

The single most important reason we support Senator Reid's approach to the job of governing over the holiday season is simple...

Governing responsibly, to the best of our abilities, is the responsibility of every American, every day. For those elected officials who have the honor of getting paid to govern directly, staying in Washington until the job is accomplished is not that much for us to ask of them.

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