Friday, December 17, 2010

2010: Our Year, By The Numbers

As we mentioned yesterday, we've decided to take a holiday break from publication during the next two weeks - so we apologize in advance to you, our readers, who won't have a wealth of links or our commentary to go along with your daily Paul Fell cartoon. We WILL have a few truncated editions we'll send out over the next two weeks just to let you know new cartoons by Paul have been published - including new Cap News, OK Gazette, HuskerNutz, Paul's Prediction cartoons, and of course, a Christmas edition. They won't be our full regular editions though, as we'll also be on vacation.

This will only be the third major break in our publication schedule over the last two years, so before we do anything else, we want to thank you, our readers, for being so loyal.

2010 has been an amazing year for us, so we thought today we'd give you a whirlwind review of the past 365 days, from the point of view of our staff. Of course, as always, we'll keep to the facts - so here, in a nutshell, is our year, by the numbers.

For starters, we were anything but housebound this year. Collectively, over the past year, the four of us have traveled approximately 30,320 miles, give or take a few trips to the grocery store. That included two trips to Italy, several trips to Pennsylvania and Ohio, and multiple trips between Nebraska and Washington, DC. Technically, we could have gone around the Earth just once - but Italy was a lot more fun.

We added two new staff members this year, Amy and Deb, and we thoroughly appreciate everything they've brought to The Daily Felltoon. We also remodeled PaulFellCartoons.com once this year, and The Daily Felltoon twice this year, and have received rave reviews on our current format.

Between the four of us, we had one baby (That was Amy and her husband Eric), moved at least twice, and worked with an astounding number of clients.

We've read approximately 16,000 news, commentary, and opinion stories - not including the ones we've written and edited - and published over 250 editions of The Daily Felltoon.

And if you're wondering how many cartoons Paul has drawn and had published over this past year? Try somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 cartoons - more than one a day, every day of the year.

For the thousands of people we've touched, from California to Maine, Florida to Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Brazil, and all over Europe, we say thank you for reading and sharing what we do with your friends and colleagues.

At the end of the day, what we do may not seem like much to some folks. Paul draws great cartoons and edits. Deb, and Shawn, and Amy all write and edit, pull web links, and publish items online. We're well aware that many Americans don't appreciate high-quality journalism or media of any kind as they once did.

However, we know that we make a difference in your lives, we give you things to laugh at, to think about, and to talk about. To us, that's better than any single number, fact, or statistic we've shared with you this whole year.

Enjoy your holidays!
We'll be back to regular publication on January 3, 2011.

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