Friday, March 14, 2014

Time For A Break

Even as there are still a few chilly days in the long term weather forecast - at least for our DC and Nebraska offices - the season of spring is finally beginning across most of the Northern hemisphere. For millions of young men and women, this time of the year used to mean a trip back home, or maybe even a trip to Mexico or Florida. More than a few of those kinds of trips ended up in slightly embarrassing situations we're certain that more than a few people would rather forget.

These days, with the massive amounts of debt college students take on, this time of year now more often means a few days free from school responsibilities, maybe to work a few extra shifts at a job, read a book, or simply walk around outside in temperatures that aren't insanely cold.

No matter how it's celebrated, the tradition of spring break as a way to celebrate the end of winter is one our staff members have always enjoyed. Conveniently, it's a tradition we'll be enjoying again next week, along with Saint Patrick's Day, some Florida sunshine, and some extra time with our families.

It's not as though no one will be watching the website. We wouldn't be surprised if the CIA or NSA peeked in on either site, and of course, Paul will still be checking in to post new Oklahoma Gazette Cartoons and new Cap News Toons as well.

We empathize with our readers who will also be missing their daily fix of cultivated links and news information. For that kind of great content, we highly advise you check out Greg Sargent's Plum Line at The Washington Post. We also recommend you check the Post's 'Wonkblog', now being run by the very capable Puneet Kollipara.

On Monday, we also highly suggest you click over to Nate Silver's relaunch of FiveThirtyEight.com, for more of the great writing, charts, and commentary we've relied on for guidance for many years here at The Daily Felltoon.

We'll be keeping our eyes on a few key topics of note, including the restoration of unemployment insurance in Congress announced yesterday. We'll also be watching the next steps in the President's efforts to restore the Federal laws surrounding overtime pay to the mostly balanced and fair mode it was in prior to 2004. That's when President Bush used Executive Power to expand the exemptions to the overtime law, which has since allowed all kinds of corporations to abuse workers. Of course, we'll also be keeping our eyes on the CIA/Senate fight, and the conflicts overseas in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Mostly though, we'll be taking a week away from our regular responsibilities here to get our bearings, clear off some of the other tasks on our desks, watch some basketball or spring baseball, or maybe just take the dog for a walk outside, without having to put on five layers of clothes first.

We don't know about you, but we've never wanted to celebrate the end of winter so badly in all our lives.

We hope you get a chance to rest and recharge this next week.
We'll resume our regular publishing schedule on March 24, 2014.

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