Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Funday: Truly Important Things

The Ides of March are upon us today, and while our week hasn't been nearly as bad as Julius Caesar's was 2,057 years ago, it wasn't exactly a Roman holiday.

The sequester cuts continue to grind on, spreading more economic pain daily, as many had forecast - including us. President Obama continued his somewhat pointless outreach to Congressional Republicans this week, while some of those same GOP stalwarts postured and pouted, yet got nothing done.

Congressional Democrats were actually hard at work this week, putting forward two balanced, honest budget plans, and even passing out of the Senate Judiciary Committee a renewal of the assault weapons ban. Add to the crazy news cycle this week a sabre-rattling North Korea, clouded thinking in China, the election of a new pope, and the crazy political rumschpringe that is CPAC, and you can likely understand why we're incredibly glad it's Friday.

It's easy enough in the whirling mix of the professional media to end up jaded and bowing to the political media idol of partisan politics - without much thought to more nuanced political positions, let alone truly consequential ideas.

As we were reminded by a detailed story in the Hartford Courant this week, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was just three months ago - and there are things far more important than arrogant Senators and partisan political battles.

To start with, the accomplishments and activities of some our friends and professional colleagues.

Our congratulations go out to both Chris Hayes and Ed Schultz of MSNBC, who are shifting their time slots on that cable network. With new opportunities for both men, and hopefully more time each day for Ed to spend on his radio show and with his wife Wendy - who successfully battled cancer last year - we have to send our professional congratulations and best wishes on their great new projects.

If you're in Washington, DC this weekend, we highly recommend you check out a screening of a new series about politics in the nation's capitol called "Chasing The Hill," being screened at the Letelier Theater in Georgetown. Even if you're not in DC, you can watch some of the series online at chasingthehill.com, where you can see a few talented people that we happen to know. If you liked "The West Wing," we are very certain you'll enjoy this show.

If you're at home, or getting ready to travel, you might want to slip over to SnowByNight.com and check out the latest chapters in the ongoing graphic novel helmed by the husband of one of our editors. Crisp, rich looking printed copies are available for those of us who like our cartoon artwork the old fashioned way, though thankfully, you can also read the comic on your favorite digital device.

If you're looking for something more sports oriented, the Husker men's basketball team is still alive in the Big Ten Tournament, a sign that bodes well for the team's move to the Pinnacle Arena next year. There is plenty of basketball on television this weekend - or if you're in Florida or Arizona, you might even catch a Spring Training baseball game.

Whatever you do this weekend, take some time for yourself, and for your friends and family, to just enjoy the truly important things in life.

The rest of it - the partisan politics, the crazy international news, and all the rest of our insane modern world - it'll all wait until you get back.

This weekend, focus on what's really important.

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