Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funday: Ready For Anything

While last weekend may have been technically the first weekend of the new year, this weekend celebrates the end of the first full work week of 2013 - as good a time as any to find reasons to celebrate and relax.

We're aware that not all of our readers are feeling well today, as this year's strain of flu seems to be an even more mean and ugly variety than usual. Medical professionals across the nation and at the CDC are heavily recommending the flu vaccine this year, especially with the flu bug waiting around the corner for millions.

If you're feeling up to it, though, we hope you're able to enjoy a few events this weekend.

Once again, one of our staff members is throwing her fantastic annual "Twelfth Night" party this weekend. Yes, we realize the official "Twelfth Night" was last Saturday, but this weekend worked out better for all involved. Regardless of the calendar, the party looks to be a great opportunity to spend time with friends and co-workers.

Another reason to celebrate is that it's our fifth anniversary here at the Daily Felltoon. Feel free to flip through any of our archived issues, or Paul's archived cartoons, whether you're on your smartphone, your computer, or stuck at home in bed with your tablet device.

Even if you're feeling under the weather, you can do a little celebrating this weekend, reading up on your favorite 2013 Oscar nominees, or checking out the newest gadgets from the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show. The bendable glass and flexible display technologies our tech guru forecasted a decade ago for about now finally look to be ready for use.

Imagine; a phone you can stick in your pocket and sit on, without breaking the screen. Or a digitial newspaper you could fold up and stick in your pocket, just like your regular newspaper now.

Yes - we're well aware of the continued and long-overdue debate on gun violence continuing around the country, even as more shootings continue. We're also aware that President Obama has continued to work in Washington, while Congress has yet to return from their holiday vacation. Maybe that's a good thing though, as President Obama is still busily filling his open Cabinet positions, while Vice President Biden is rapidly completing his work with the gun violence task force.

We will continue to monitor all of these news items and others, at least during the day today. After all, we may be getting ready for the weekend, but we're still responsible members of the media.

With a relatively clean new calendar, an optimistic attitude, and the new year mostly in front of us, we're feeling like we're ready for almost anything.

We also hope you're also ready for anything - good or bad - and that your weekend is as enjoyable as possible, whatever your health condition.

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