Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Funday: Dance With The One That Brought Ya

While today is the start to the weekend for some we know, we highly doubt most people around the nation will have an empty dance card for the next few days.

For us, it's the weekend before the national general election - so don't expect us to be sitting around watching DVR episodes of 'Dancing With The Stars' or pre-recorded football games. Ethically, because of our staff members' positions within the media, we can't be involved with any specific political campaign in the traditional volunteer sense. That doesn't mean we'll be on the sidelines. There are still a huge pile of tasks for us to choreograph before the election next Tuesday.

We won't be the only ones dancing around this weekend. Both presidential candidates and their campaigns will also be dancing all over the country. President Obama will be leaping from battleground state to battleground state all weekend. He'll be stopping at events located near both our DC and Florida offices, as he reminds America of his many first-term successes and his second term plans, and enjoys his latest endorsement from Independent centrist Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

Mr. Romney will also be dancing this weekend, though for him it will be mostly around the issues and his explosive lies - what Greg Sargent has termed "Romney's Kamikaze strategy". The Romney campaign's continued lies about the auto bailout, and Mitt's severe rebuke from the CEOs of both GM and Chrysler make him look even more ridiculous in the face of both GM's robust earnings report and Chrysler's new sales record. That Mr. Romney's schedule also oddly includes a couple of stops in states like Pennsylvania that experienced political hands say are far beyond his reach is yet another fact Romney will be dancing around.

There will also likely be dancing today about the final jobs numbers being released prior to election day. Private firm ADP released their better than expected U.S. jobs report on Thursday, as jobless claims went down again. Gallup also released their U.S. jobs survey numbers that continue the trend  of the U.S. unemployment rate going lower - down to 7.4% in October.

In other words, the economy is steadily and certainly growing again, a fact the political right can't ignore.

There will also be plenty of dancing at the state level, as Bob Kerrey received the strong positive endorsement of his former colleague from across the aisle, former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel. When a candidate has the backing of both fiscal hawks behind the Erskine-Bowles Commission, as well as the long-proven record of Chuck Hagel, we'd say there really isn't any comparison between Bob Kerrey and his opponent, Deb Fischer, who has the support of people like Sarah Palin and Karl Rove.

Of course, a few of our readers will be dancing for joy that they can finally get back to their homes in New York City - or that they've finally got power back to their homes too.

Last but not least, if you've got the option to vote early where you live, we highly advise you to boogie on down to your local Elections office today or this weekend, and make your mark now, so you don't get tripped up next Tuesday.

However you choose to spend your weekend, we hope you can put a little fun in your steps.

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