Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surprised? Not Hardly.

Please pardon us today if we don't recap all the Congressional debates that went on last night. Not only was the third Senate debate between Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer going on in Nebraska. In Massachusetts, the second Senate debate between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown was also happening. In Virginia, it was the first - and only - debate between retired Army colonel Wayne Powell and Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Tomorrow, we'll give a quick break down of each of those debates from Monday night, along with a  preview of the Presidential debate Wednesday night. Suffice it to say we were not surprised by the performances of Ms. Fischer, Sen. Brown or Rep. Cantor. To say the Republicans in these debates were without details while cowardly ducking questions would be a severe understatement, especially in the case of Ms. Fischer.

No matter how clear the performances of most candidates in most debates are, as well-known Democratic strategist Donna Brazile recently noted, debates don't always make a difference.

Or, as Paul has said many times over the years, some kinds of people would vote for a pelican for office, as long as it had an "R" behind its name - especially in the western two-thirds of Nebraska. We're more than willing to admit there are other places in the U.S. where there are those who just as blindly vote for any name with a "D" behind it.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we think both kinds of people are incredibly stupid. In our collective opinion, those Americans who are blind to new facts and details are far more harmful to the continued stability and strength of America than most of the hyper-partisan leaders in either major party.

Those kinds of blind fools are the same idiots Steve Benen pointed out that have been desperately attempting - for almost four years now - to fit their hatred of President Obama and his administration into a "Watergate" frame that simply doesn't apply. Six times now, right wingers have attempted to claim something is "Obama's Watergate" - and six times they've failed.

We guarantee some of those on the right are already thinking the miscommunication of information regarding the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans is yet another chance to revive the "Obama's Watergate" meme.

Those who've been blinded by their own hatred can't even see when crimes they've accused others of have been committed by people they support. The perfect example of this is the bogus voter fraud campaign that right-wing extremists waged against community organizing group ACORN in 2009 and 2010. After right-wing extremists effectively destroyed the organization with fraudulent lies and videos, ACORN was found to be not guilty of any voter fraud.

However, as the current exploding voter registration fraud scandal has proven, the Republican Party has been involved with their own kind of voter fraud since at least 2004 - with major issues from California to Florida.

While this kind of hypocrisy and stupidity does boil our blood, the fact is, it shouldn't.

Just as the pelican-loving idiot voters will most likely never change, there will always be those in any political system, from every ideological background, who simply can't follow the rules. The difference between us and the pelican-lovers?

We're not blind to the fact that each situation and candidate should be looked at individually and evaluated on its own merit.

We hope you choose not to be a bird-brained fool either.

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