Monday, September 10, 2012

Things Are Better - But For Whom?

As the ninth week before the election gets rolling, it's important to note the Presidential campaigns on both sides were already getting out to the public over the weekend, trying to sell their plans - with noticeably different responses.

Not too far from our South Florida offices, a Sunshine State business owner was so excited to see President Obama over the weekend, he picked up the "Leader of the Free World" in a giant bear hug. Thankfully, the Secret Service knew the man was no danger to the President. While the President was exciting voters in South Florida, Vice President Joe Biden convinced some bikers in Ohio to sit down with him - including one who sat on his lap.

At the other end of the emotional spectrum, Republican candidate Mitt Romney sat down for two quiet private interviews with NBC's David Gregory, one a dual interview with Mitt and his wife Ann. It was not the best move for the Romney campaign, in our opinion.

Mitt and Ann came off as arrogant and disconnected in their dual appearance. In his solo interview, Mr. Romney said there were things about Obamacare he liked - even though last week he'd told the audience at the Republican National Convention he would kill Obamacare. Mitt also threw his running mate under the bus, calling Paul Ryan's vote for Congress' defense cuts "A big mistake."

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan didn't fare much better, as he kept attempting to peddle the empty Romney/Ryan plans on other Sunday shows. His worst moment came when Paul Ryan told CBS' Norah O'Donnell that he didn't vote for the defense cuts - which can be factually proven that he did vote in favor of, thus proving him a liar once again.

None of this surprised us one bit.

If you remember, during the start of the two conventions, we said that we'd begin ignoring most of the polling for each candidate and their party until after their conventions were finished. Both conventions are now blessedly over, with final poll numbers in for the RNC, and nearly final numbers available for the DNC.

In short, the Romney/Ryan ticket is in trouble, possibly major trouble.

After the Republican National Convention, and after the hoopla died down, Romney, Ryan and the Republicans got at best a 2 point bounce in the polls. Some polls had them at a net zero bounce - or worse.

As the final polling from the Democratic National Committee rolls in, the bounce for Obama, Biden, and the Democrats ranges from a four point bump to as much as a ten point bump from Gallup, a poll that has tended to lean Republican this cycle.

What's more, President Obama's approval rating on Friday, just after the convention, was at 52%, the highest it has been since the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

In short, Democrats planned and executed a better convention than Republicans did. Further, Americans appear to like not just the Obama and Biden plans, but the men themselves. That's easy to understand, considering the empty promises and draconian cuts proposed by the Romney/ Ryan team.

Now that the top of the ticket is sorting itself out, maybe everyone in the media can start focusing on the down ballot races for House, Senate, and local contests, too.

We know that's something we're planning on tackling ourselves.

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