Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strange Bedfellows - But They Picked 'Em.

As we promised at the beginning of 2012, we've generally stayed clear of the horse race that is the GOP Presidential primary, only touching on it here and there. However, after the series of comments, stumbles, backpedals, and seriously disturbing accusations by former U.S. Senator and current GOP candidate Rick Santorum this past weekend, and again on Monday, we felt we had to finally weigh in.

We've said for many years now that in politics, who you support, as well as  those whose support you accept, matter a great deal. Nowhere is this more evident than in Mr. Santorum's quest for the White House.

As we briefly pointed out yesterday, Rick Santorum recently made a series of gaffes that were serious, and should give anyone pause in thinking he should be anywhere near the Presidency. First, a video came to light making it clear that Santorum thinks Protestants are not Christians. Today another video came to light where Santorum claimed that the right to privacy has ruined everything. Mr. Santorum also made comments to the effect that President Obama isn't a Christian, and made a very clear analogy that President Obama is a modern-day Hitler. Santorum even went so far as to say that government, at virtually ALL levels, shouldn't be involved with education.

After some half-hearted double-speak apologies Sunday morning, on Monday, Santorum and his surrogates not only didn't seem at all concerned with their slandering of the President over the weekend. They continued the insane lies throughout the day, calling President Obama and the Democratic party "anti-science", while Santorum's own spokeswoman claimed his 'phony theology' gaffe was really referring to radical Islamic policies from the President - policies which don't actually exist.

All this happened while Santorum continued to press hard on the idea that government shouldn't tell you what to do - unless you're a woman, and then government shouldn't allow you to have contraception at all. Apparently, Rick Santorum wants to shrink government down to a small enough size where it will fit inside the private regions of America's women.

If all these things sound insane to you, we're glad, because it proves Rick Santorum's special brand of insanity hasn't infected you yet, and made you think what he's saying is acceptable.

Sadly, if you're a Republican - and we know some of our readers are - this man represents you and all those in your political party to the outside world. The face of your party is no longer Sarah Palin, or Karl Rove, or even Grover Norquist, who are all deranged enough in their own ways.

No, the man your political party has crawled into bed with appears to be far crazier than the former half-term governor from Alaska, at this point.

Even Ms. Palin never said anything close to the idea that Protestants are not Christians. Surprisingly, Ms. Palin also hasn't seemed to have invoked Godwin's law at the height of a major national campaign, like Mr. Santorum.

In short, the man who is currently leading some national polling in the Republican nomination for President is way nuttier than we once thought Sarah Palin was.

That is the current face of the Republican Party.

Don't blame us if so-called independents and moderate Republicans try to sneak away from the GOP now, if they hadn't climbed on the last bus out of crazy town already.

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