Thursday, September 22, 2011


We've never been big on excuses here at The Daily Felltoon. If we screw up, we'll cop to it - and if someone or something else fails in our production chain, we'll let you know about that too.

Sadly, we know we're not the norm these days when it comes to that kind of integrity. There are examples-a-plenty, from DC, New York, and many areas across the Northeast today.

The excuses from DC are sadly the exact same ridiculous problems, caused by the exact same arrogant and ignorant politicians, that almost blew up the world economy at the beginning of August. Once again, the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have purposely tanked another Continuing Resolution (in Washington-speak, a "C.R.") - and once again have put the Federal government on the verge of shutting down.

Long and short, Democrats wanted to help their fellow Americans in the Northeast who are still trying to recover from Hurricane Irene and the unusual earthquake near DC. Republicans, meanwhile, were trying to use the temporary spending bill to push ideological measures down everybody else's throats.

Of course, this is after the top Republican "leaders" in Congress tried to bully Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke into doing NOTHING to help the economy.

These are the same DC Republicans who excuse their own abusive and destructive actions with the same lies they've been telling for years.

To add injury to insult, in addition to dealing with the usual excuses and lies coming from that corner of Washington, folks in the Northeast may find themselves paying more this year for pumpkins for their jack-o-lanterns, or for pumpkin pies.

Hurricane Irene didn't just leave flood damage from New Jersey to Vermont She also destroyed a large number of pumpkins in the Northeast - meaning Northeastern produce buyers have been desperate to find pumpkins anywhere else in the country they can bring in.

Maybe they should try growing them in trees, like they do in Iowa.

Sadly, while these stories have all received some media coverage over the last twenty-four hours, the national media - which is primarily based out of New York City - has almost completely ignored a massive story right on their own streets - literally.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are now going into their fifth day - yet there's been no major media exposure for an event that most of the national networks could cover by sticking a camera out their sixth- floor studio windows. So far, the event has turned out considerably smaller numbers than the twenty thousand that protest organizers had hoped for. Still, the numbers for this protest are already far bigger than many ridiculous Tea Party protests that major media outlets have blanketed before - and the protestors are vowing to camp out indefinitely.

All this, yet... all that the major media outlets are giving the public on this story are excuses why they're not covering the story.

There are many things we can excuse in life - like the possibility that we may not be able to enjoy pumpkins in our DC location this Halloween.

However, the actions of Republicans in DC or the inaction by major national media in New York are things we just can't excuse - and we hope you don't either.

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