Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Funday: It's Fall. Time For Battle! Grab Your Spoon.

Even though the weather isn't entirely autumnal in many places, it's obvious to our entire staff that fall is coming.

It's not just the chilly evenings in DC and Lincoln, or the trees that have begun (barely) to change colors. Major League Baseball has reached the end of its regular season, and most college football and volleyball teams - including our Nebraska Cornhuskers - are getting into their conference schedules.

We're even doing a little traveling, as we often do in the Fall.

We won't be in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend though, as we know a great many HuskerNutz will. We've got a few friends in Madison and we know it to be a welcoming and wonderful town (even if Wisconsin's loopy Governor isn't always so welcoming or wonderful), so if you're going to see the game this weekend, plan on having a good time, and enjoying a great game.

The match we're looking to see this weekend isn't one that ESPN's Gameday is likely to carry (though they might, now that we've mentioned it ). We wouldn't want Kirk Herbstreit to get his suit sticky, anyway.

The match we're wanting to sink our teeth into this weekend is between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The weapon of choice between these two titans?

Ice cream.

As the Lincoln Journal Star published Thursday, it seems that Wisconsin also has a dairy store that makes ice cream. Apparently, they think they have what it takes to beat the best that Nebraska churns out. [Yes, that was a dairy pun. No, we're not apologizing.]

We've previously mentioned our friends at the UNL Dairy Store, on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's East Campus. They've got some of our favorite flavors of ice cream (try the Maple Bacon - seriously), great cheese, and they also host the culinary offerings of the legendary P.O. Pears at the Dairy Store once a month during good weather. We've been acquainted with Dairy Store manager Bryan Scherbarth for many years, and we have to say - if it was a fair battle, on neutral territory we think Bryan and his staff at the UNL Dairy Store would win, hands down.

This weekend's event is going to take place at Madison, however - so we're asking those HuskerNutz traveling to the game to make a major sacrifice for their team...

Go eat Scarlet and Cream ice cream in Madison, at their version of the dairy store, Babcock Hall.

We know, being asked to eat ice cream you love in a strange place is a difficult task. Still, to show your Husker pride, we're asking you to show up for Bryan and the gang and help Nebraska to a UNL Dairy Store victory in Wisconsin.

Also, we'd like the football and volleyball teams to win this weekend. However, if we can't prevail at  either of those, we'll take the win at the Ice Cream Bowl.

Here's to a sweet victory this weekend, either way.

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