Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Funday: Fall Is Here... Or Close Enough

As we're fairly sure at least some of the people in your life - or at least in your neighborhood - have made you aware, football season begins this weekend.

In fact, if the football nuts you know love just about any kind of college football, we're sure they were watching some less-than stellar games last night - and they still probably had a grin a mile wide on their faces. For fans of the NFL, the preseason action has already been going for a couple of weeks, with the regular season beginning next Thursday night.

Of course, for HuskerNutz, the REAL season begins tomorrow, at home in Memorial Stadium against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Mocs (short for mockingbirds).

We're well aware there will be more than a few changes in store for Husker fans this year.

For one thing, no tailgating on the East Side of Memorial Stadium this season. Or probably next season either, due to stadium expansion construction. Husker road games won't take us to familiar haunts in Manhattan, Boulder, or Ames this football season. No Eskimo Joe's this year, either.

We do have our own TV network, now - that we share EQUALLY with the rest of our new Big Ten conference family, so seeing the game on TV shouldn't be a problem, whether we're in Florida, DC, or at home in Nebraska.

Some things remain the same - like HuskerNutz worrying about the status of popular players, or how our quarterback will take the stress of leading the team. Of course, our favorite colors on Husker game days are still scarlet & cream - although nearly any shade of red & white will do. And as always, we're certain the Tunnel Walk will send shivers up and down our spines.

It's OK to look back fondly on some of our former Big 12 and Big 8 conference-mates - including the Husker's only TRUE rival, the Oklahoma Sooners. We're proud of our history with them - and even more proud that some of our former conference brethren have found the courage to stand up to the bullies in Texas burnt orange, and make their own move towards brighter futures. To the Aggies at A&M, and the Buffs of Colorado, we can only say 'Good luck' in your new directions.

Tomorrow is the dawn of a brand new Husker football season, in a brand new conference, with new teams to play, new towns to visit, new people to introduce our traditions to - and new traditions that their fans can teach to us, a willing audience of the best fans in college football.

No matter where you go this season, whether the Huskers win or lose, we hope you display your Husker pride with honor, grace, humor, and humility.

There's truly no place like Nebraska.
Now let's go show everyone how to be players and fans of the highest caliber.

Enjoy your weekend.
And Go Big Red!

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