Thursday, July 14, 2011


It is becoming increasingly obvious to a growing number of Americans that it is time - long, long, long past time, actually - to rein in the insanity of the extremist regressives on the political right, and the feckless wonders they claim as their leaders.

In the Gallup poll released Wednesday, only one in four Republican voters thought that the budget should be solved with ONLY cuts, and NO increase in revenues. From everyday Americans, the number of people who agree with the Republican position of absolutely NO tax increases is in only one in five.

That means EIGHTY PERCENT of Americans agree with the Democratic position on the budget, debt ceiling, and taxes. EIGHTY PERCENT.

Yet the Republican leadership still thinks they can bully the President, and anyone else who doesn't agree with them, as they insanely, stubbornly insist that Americans agree with the GOP point of view.

As Nate Silver pointed out, after digging deeper into the numbers, the facts are crystal clear -  it's the Democratic Leadership and our Democratic President that the American people truly side with.

Still, Republicans continue to bluster that THEY should be the final arbiters of all major decisions for Americans. Mitch McConnell even said - flat out - that our Constitution needed to be amended in order to force the government to be fiscally responsible. It seems he's forgotten that Republicans, including himself, championed their win last fall by saying THEY were going bring responsibility back to Washington.

Responsible leaders don't need the articles of their government to force responsibility and compromise upon themselves.

Republicans don't seem to think they have to care.

It doesn't seem to matter to them that the Federal Reserve Chairman warned again yesterday of a "huge financial calamity" if the debt ceiling is not increased before August 2. The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde said that America defaulting would be a disastrous shock to the world economy. In Minnesota, where a small scale version of this disaster is already playing out, they are LITERALLY running out of beer and cigarettes.

Even the nearly indefatigable President Obama is among those who have finally reached the end of his patience with the disrespectful, small-minded, selfish, arrogant, ignorant, infantile twits in the GOP leadership.

It is LONG past time for Republicans, Tea Partiers, and the other economic terrorists on the right to give up.

There is NO universe in which they win, get everything they've dreamed of, and see everyone they hate lose.

If default occurs, there WILL be a worldwide financial collapse. The market will be effectively dead. So will the political futures of nearly anyone associated with this collapse. If default occurs, Congresspersons won't be able to sneak out the back door, to steal an election - or anything else of value.

Even if default doesn't happen, the 2012 Congressional elections are now one hundred percent certain to have more bite and fight than most Americans have ever seen. Sadly, we doubt this mess will bring about more serious political campaigns, especially from conservative quarters.

It is long, long, long past time for those who are responsible on the right to regain control of their political party, for their own good, and for the greater good of us all.

America - and the world - has had enough of their brand of insanity.

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