Friday, February 18, 2011

Funday Friday: You Know It's Spring When…

In the midst of ongoing war on the working class that was declared by the blindingly ignorant governor of Wisconsin, with the internal warfare on display in the Republican Party, and even while the true wars for independence are breaking out in the Middle East, we're taking a step back from the news of the world today. For this Friday we'd like to focus on something that almost all of us have a healthy appreciation for.


Every year, about this time, baseball teams at virtually every level - from hometown league teams to college and pro teams - begin early season practices, and for some teams, full games.

Even if baseball isn't your favorite sport - and for some of us, it's not -  every single one of us appreciates what it means when we see the "boys of summer" dragging out the gloves, bats, and other baseball equipment.

It means that even if there is another cold blast coming, it won't last for long.

It means that soon, the air outside will be filled with scent of new mown grass, crisp, clean uniforms - and if you're in the right place at the right time, some great ballpark food.

It means that the spring rains will come soon to wash away the leftover winter grime from those outdoor places that only Mother Nature - or a great grounds crew - can clean.

It means that there will soon be days where the temperature is neither too cold or warm, and the sunshine will fill a bright blue sky with a field of green beneath it.

It means one more year for us all, one more trip around the sun.

It means that no matter how our politics may have divided us, we can find common ground rooting for our favorite teams, taking part in one of the core elements of the traditional American spirit.

In short, it means there is still hope.

For all of us. For our nation. For our team. For the young people we love who grab the ball, glove, and bat and head for the door, now that the weather is getting warm enough at last.

Hope springs eternal.

Play ball!

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