Monday, February 14, 2011

Focusing On What's Important

We're aware that today is Valentine's Day and, while we're not exactly in favor of the over-commercialization of the day, we most certainly think people should spend at least one day a year where they show their significant others that they care in a special way. Write a love letter, make dinner, take care of something your partner hates. Sure, you can buy a card from Hallmark, if you must. We know a few of our cartoonist friends who will benefit from your purchase, so there's no real worry there.

We're also really not that worried about what happened in Egypt on Friday, and what seems to be developing there since.

While the revolution in Egypt has been relatively - but not completely - bloodless, they still have a great many challenges before them. So far, though, they seem to be doing well. The Egyptian Army has dissolved their Parliament and set elections for six months from now. The Army has said it will continue with foreign policies the previous government had installed, including the peace accord with Israel. The Egyptian stock market didn't open Sunday as originally planned - but it looks solid to open on Wednesday.

Contrary to the fears of some, Egypt isn't falling into a state of islamic revolutionary fervor, intent on destroying all Christians, Jews, and other Westerners. That's not surprising to us, since 15-20% of all Egyptians are Christians, Jews, or other non-Muslim religions.

The Egyptians can handle themselves perfectly fine without us. After all, they did it for thousands of years before America even existed.

The things we're concerned about today do include a range of foreign affairs, from the continued unrest in Yemen and Tunisia, to the migrants attempting to flee North Africa to Europe for safer harbors.

We're also concerned about the ridiculous game of 'Who Can Cut The Most' apparently being played all across Washington, DC by both the President and Republicans in the House. Republican governors are also attempting to get into the act by slashing state budgets, and in the case of some governors, thinking they can simply ignore the rights of union members. These union workers aren't pigs at the public trough, as too many on the right attempt to paint them. Rather, these are mostly state workers who have already experienced deep cuts, and who are often already performing multiple functions since their state governments eliminated many of their fellow employees.

Sure, we've thought about Valentine's Day today too.

The thought of giving candy and flowers to our significant others or enjoying a nice night on the town while someone else pounds out the code, draws the cartoons, translates the documents - or takes care of the baby - sounds marvelous to us. We all hope to do that soon, our own versions of "Valentine's Day (observed)" where restaurants aren’t booked, you get the normal menu, and there’s less hassle all around.

While it's undoubtedly a good thing to set aside a day to appreciate and be grateful for our loved ones, we think you should do those things whenever you get the chance. We try to celebrate the ones we love more than just once a year - and we recommend you do the same.

Having time with the ones you love tends to help keep in perspective what's really important in the world, whether you're in Egypt, America, or anywhere else.

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