Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funday: Surprises.

It's been a week filled with interesting surprises for us at The Daily Felltoon.

It began at the end of last week, with the shocking end to Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC. Before Friday night was over, we already knew what much of the media would be still talking about on Monday.

Friday gave way to a weekend filled with house hunting for one of us, a trip to Oklahoma and back for another. The rest of us were happy to have a couple of days to relax.

That didn't last for long. Monday began with preparations for Tuesday's State Of The Union speech, and for at least one of us, covering a political march in Washington, DC. As opposed to previous year's gatherings, the march didn't even make the front page of the Washington Post, in print or online. What surprised no one was that our editor Deb saw a new level of success for her personal blog, and a new sponsor, too. [Ok, she was surprised; the rest of us, not so much.]

Tuesday was the State of the Union Address, which we all paid attention to - but it also included a surprise interview for one of us before the address with Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton. Then, Tuesday evening, our web guru was doing prep work for Wednesday, and noticed an issue with WhiteHouse.gov. He immediately contacted the White House - and they listened to him, and fixed the site right away.

Wednesday was going great - until one of our editors had a nail go through her tire. And then our DC staff got dumped on by eight inches of heavy, wet, snow. It also included a bout of gratitude that the falling tree in front of the home of one of our editors missed the cars and power lines. Unfortunately, another tree got some nearby power lines - so our editor made the most of her electrical outage, and spent some quality time at home with a nice fire in the fireplace.

Thursday saw all of us back to the grind - and our electricity-deprived editor was pleasantly surprised by the power coming back on, enabling her to rejoin the twenty-first century.

As you can see from just a week in our lives, the unpredictable twists and turns have been both good and bad, common and unusual.

We keep hearing people surprised at the positive news they're hearing about more jobs coming back to the U.S. economy, or the success America has already had in the first two years of the current administration. Then they shift to being shocked and amazed at some of the laws being proposed in their state legislatures, or events happening around the world.

There really shouldn't be a reason to be so stunned by the latest breaking news.

After all, we're not like kids looking through the window of a toy store, fixated on one item, at the exclusion of all else.

Life keeps happening, and surprises happen all around us.
We hope you survive the less pleasant ones - and enjoy those of a happier persuasion.

For example, having a couple of days off work.

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