Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday Funday: Reasons For Celebration...

It's the first Friday of 2011, and we're in a great mood to celebrate.

Every year, one of our editors throws a fantastic "Twelfth Night" party on or around the traditional "Twelfth Night" holiday (which technically was yesterday, but close enough), as kind of a post-January 1st welcome to the new year. That party is tomorrow night, and we're very glad to be celebrating that holiday with our friends and co-workers.

We have many reasons to celebrate. It's a new year, one of us has a new job (in addition to what we do here), one of us is thrilled about the new House of Representatives, and generally speaking, things appear to be getting better economically for many people in the country.

We're more than ready to admit - things are far from perfect. It's still cold outside, most Americans would love more or better work - or simply a decent-paying job - and we didn't win the Mega Millions lottery.

There are still reasons to celebrate.

One of them is that it's also our anniversary here at The Daily Felltoon. As of today's edition, we begin our third year of delivering Paul Fell's cartoons directly into the e-mailboxes of thousands of readers.

We each enjoy the opportunity to publish our work, whether it's in a newspaper, a magazine, a legal contract, or a blog. We also still love newspapers, whether they're in print or electronic form, as you can see daily in our links section, which is always heavily represented by newspaper sources.

We also love having the chance to make you think, smile, and laugh - and we're continually working on how we can expand what we do to new markets and new kinds of media.

For you, as much as it is for us, it's a new year with new possibilities.

We hope you don't forget that optimism in the throes of winter's icy embrace.

Stay warm, stay safe.

And happy new year.

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