Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Funday: Something Worth Watching

Normally on Fridays, we tend to turn away from politics and other more serious topics, and we aim for a tone that's just a bit lighter.

Since the midterm election is coming up next Tuesday, we thought we'd compromise, somewhat, and focus on events that are both political - and a bit lighter.

Today, that means focusing on Jon Stewart's event in Washington, DC.

In case you were unaware, the third major political rally of this year is happening this weekend in Washington, DC, the semi-satirical "Rally To Restore Sanity." The first major political rally of this year was Glenn Beck's event, at the end of August. It was an event filled with angry Republicans and Tea Party members, many of whom were disappointed when Mr. Beck made the rally less overtly political than he'd led them to believe it would be.

The second, arguably larger rally, was the "One Nation" event, led by a combination of mostly liberal and progressive groups. While their rally was both more political and more diverse than Beck's event, the second rally still had a tinge of anger to it, primarily aimed towards those on the far right.

This weekend's rally is different, and we think possibly, more valuable to all of us.

At The Daily Felltoon, we often talk about serious subjects in our commentary. We try to do it in a relatively balanced way, that helps you, our audience, think about topics more deeply. Of course, Paul's cartoons are often the much-needed laugh that makes the serious subjects we all address seem not quite so ominous and scary. In that way, the entire Daily Felltoon newsletter ends up being somewhat like Mr. Stewart's "Daily Show".

The point that Mr. Stewart, and his fellow comedian, Mr. Colbert, are making this weekend with their mocking political rallies is actually one we discuss with each other, on a regular basis - and one we've mentioned here many times before.

No matter who wins next week - or next month, whenever they get done with the recounts - every American will still have something in common: we're all Americans. Most of us also want things in our country to get better, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else too. Things won't get that way if we're busy fighting with each, beating each other up, stomping on one another, or attempting to buy enough advertising to brainwash those who think differently than we do.

Americans voted for change, overwhelmingly two years ago - and most polls still think Americans want more change, not less. We want more jobs, better legislators, better schools, more just tax rates, and less debt than we have now. Even if things are better than when Mr. Obama took over, they're not good enough yet - and Americans want to change that.

As Jon Stewart - and we - point out daily, finding some humor amidst difficult subjects and discussing them sanely, even with those with whom we disagree, is a far better way to get through life than trying to bash in the skulls of those we disagree with.

For those of you enjoying the rally this weekend?
Have fun.

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