Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Funday: Absence, "Boobs" And A Friendly Reminder

We hope you're not taken aback by our headline today. Boobs - less intelligent folks - might be offended or take our headline in a negative way. Thankfully, we know our readers are generally more astute.

There are a few small but important topics we've been meaning to discuss with you, so conveniently we'll wrap them all up today, to end the week.

First, to answer the questions we've received over the last few weeks, yes, we HAVE been traveling - quite a lot over the last month. Including trips by half our staff to Italy, and trips to conferences in Omaha, Nebraska, and Columbus, Ohio, it's been quite a busy few weeks on the road. That's why we've been delivering so many "Best Of" cartoons lately. As some of our readers have noticed, Paul's cartoons often remain timely long after he first creates them - so we're glad you've enjoyed them this second time around.

While we've been traveling, we've also been hearing more than a few comments of praise and approval for our work. You've told us that not only have our writing and links continued to improve, but they seem to compliment Paul's cartoons even better since our "remodel". We still earn the occasional angry comment on Facebook or in our email boxes, from readers who think we're too liberal - or even occasionally conservative - in our work.

We're just glad people are reading our work, even if they "dislike" it on Facebook or act like boobs in their hate mail.

Speaking of boobs, because of being on the road so much we have yet to tackle an important topic that we might have otherwise gotten to before now - that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many syndicated cartoonists we know celebrated on October 10th, by having all of their 50+ features colored in various shades of pink - which we applaud. Several other cartoonists have also mentioned breast Cancer Screening month in their work earlier this month.

Consider this our reminder to you; the battle against cancer, like many diseases, doesn't stop when the month of October ends. We hope that you'll remember to get breast cancer screenings - or prostate and colon cancer screenings - any time of the year. If you don't have decent insurance? Find a clinic.

Cancer is one of those things that you can never detect too early. We hope you take some time this weekend, and look ahead to next week or next month, and then find some time to get a checkup.

We'd prefer that all our readers are healthy - and preferably happy.
Even the boobs.

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