Wednesday, September 8, 2010


By this point, we hope you've noticed the new look and feel of The Daily Felltoon newsletter, as well as the new look of PaulFellCartoons.com .

As promised, we've taken many of your suggestions into account, and we've retooled things here at our end.

However, while things may look done to you, just a reminder - they're not. We're still working on adding a few features behind the scenes, and we're aware of a few kinks in the new site, too. If you notice something out of place, a link that doesn't work, or a page that doesn't load, please let us know. You may also have to do a few things yourself to help with your reading experience - like clearing your web browser's cache, something we've reminded you of before on several occasions.

Generally, keeping your cool and seeing if you can solve the troublesome issues in front of you is considered a wise approach to problem solving.

Our website revamp is like a microcosm of world and political events these days.
Large numbers of people seem to only be concentrating on events that either worry or delight them - none of which are completely in final form.

Minority Leader Boehner is measuring the drapes in the Speaker's office daily, and sometimes hourly. Republicans are counting the seats they think they'll win, before the first vote has even been cast. Democrats are either oblivious or overly focused on the feeble attempts by the media to gin up a horse-race. Much of the media is still dying for the latest fake outrage to goose their ratings, since both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court are still on vacation. Meanwhile, the President seems to finally understand what the American people want - jobs - but Americans are so worried about not having jobs, they continue to show distain for him, even when he's doing what they want.

Every one of these subjects has been polled, to one degree or another - but we'd remind you of what Nate Silver tweeted yesterday: "I'd urge at least a wee bit of caution in panicking about polling results from mid-August thru Labor Day. Lots of people on vacation."

Or as we've reminded you before, things are far from finished, even if they appear otherwise.

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