Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Funday: The Events Of Autumn

From the Republican "Leadership" and their new extremely vague "Contract" giving a whole new meaning to political dreck, to the Democratic "Leadership" continuing a long history of cowardice and "hippie punching" while ignoring their base - there is plenty to talk about today in the world of politics. Still, it's Friday, and for us that means attempting to pique your interest in something a bit less serious.

In case you missed it, the Autumnal Equinox was on Wednesday evening here in the U.S., marked by the the first "Super Harvest Moon" seen in the Northern Hemisphere in nearly twenty years. Awesome, if the cloud cover allowed you a peek.

For us, the season of Fall means many things, from the impending MLB playoffs, to the return of college and pro football, to a renewed focus on health & exercise - and for one of our staffers, this Fall includes early planning for an infant daughter's first December holiday season.

While many people view Autumn as a season of endings, we see it as a season of beginnings. For us, it's a time where we often travel to conferences, gather with friends we haven't seen for some time, meet with potential new clients, and begin to plan for the next year.

Several of those events will be coming together next week, near the center of the nation, in Omaha, Nebraska at the annual meeting of the North Central Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. From Chris Browne of Hagar The Horrible fame, to Tom Richmond of Mad magazine, and nearly every type of creative cartoonist in between, the amount, type, and diversity of cartoons and creativity will be on display to the public in the River City. We're especially pleased to have the John Read collection of Sunday, April 11 comic strip originals, created by every syndicated cartoonist in America, coming to Omaha as part of the festivities. "One Fine Sunday In The Funny Pages" will be appearing at the Bemis gallery in Omaha for a limited engagement starting on October 1.

If you're near our Washington D.C. location, we highly recommend you set calendar for next Monday, where longtime friend and nationally syndicated cartoonist/columnist Ted Rall - recently returned from Afghanistan - will be giving a great presentation at renowned D.C. area restaurant and bookstore Busboys and Poets (The flagship 14th & V location).

Of course, if you're located closer to the "left coast", one of our favorite places to visit year-round is the Charles M. Schulz museum in Santa Rosa, California.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, we hope you'll pull back this weekend, and take stock in the good things that you have in your life. Listen to some music. Watch a good ball game.

There IS more to life than politics, after all.
Cartoons and those who create them, for example.

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