Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Funday: Coming Together

As we've said before, we enjoy collaboration with different groups of individuals, and we think positive outcomes often result from those types of meetings.

It's obvious that was the case in Washington D.C. yesterday, as the Senate completed it's passage of the Small Business jobs bill, and the passage of the New START treaty with Russia. The New START treaty, in fact, has a great deal to do with the handling, reduction and disposal of nuclear weapons and materials. It's one of the primary reasons President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Both bills are examples of what is possible when people put their differences aside, and focus on what we can do together.

We like the idea of getting together, and in fact, as our small but dedicated group doesn't all live in the same place, we don't get together nearly enough - with each other, or with others in our profession.

From time to time, though, when we get a chance to come together with some of our friends from the various professional and social organizations we each belong to, we take those opportunities.

This weekend is one of those times, for some of us.

In the small town of Marceline, Missouri, beginning today, will be the annual Disney Hometown Toonfest, a celebration of the life and works of Walt Disney in the town he grew up in, as a child.  It's mostly a festival for the town and the north central region of Missouri, although the Toonfest gets visitors from all over the world. The festival focuses a great deal on exposing kids to the depth and history of Walt Disney, beyond the hyper-commercialized image most of us are used to seeing. It's a wonderful event, filled with cartoon artwork and fun.

It's also a chance to get together and enjoy the company of those who work in parts of the media and cartooning business as we do. If you ever get the chance to go, we highly recommend it.

We hope that this weekend, whatever you're doing, you get an opportunity to come together with a few friends you can commiserate with and relate to about your lives.
If good food and fine beverages are a part of that? Even better.

Enjoy your weekend.

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